Development and Protection of the Backbone: The Importance of a Quality Backbone Construction and Proper Oversight.

This is our nations infrastructure, we all have a vested interest in its stability and quality.

Everyone depends on its robustness, from the business owner to family members, we rely on the backbones to get us where we need to go on the Information Super Highway.

The importance of the quality of the build cannot be overstated.

Too often, short cuts are taken and the quality suffers. Beware Low bidders! Testing the cable post placement is essential and there needs to be a clear understanding of the loss parameters. Different glass will have different splice losses. On the new generation glass (same glass to same glass) the spec varies .01Db to .2Db. Mixing older glass with new generation glass can give a1Db loss.

It is possible to mix glass and get an acceptable result, as long as the distance isn’t too great and you’re not mixing and matching in multiple places, which often happens when maintaining older plants and replacing and repairing damaged sections.

There needs to be an understanding of the backbone among the people who operate and maintain it. It must be protected at all costs. Someone must be delegated to make fiber assignments and to manage this vital asset. Indiscriminate splicing and cutting into the backbone affect the quality of service and future fiber assignments. Proper oversight and planning will ensure that future customers will enjoy a robust and reliable network.

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