Fiber Optic Contracting Professional Licensing: Advocating for Standardized Licensing of Fiber Optic Technicians and Contracting Companies.

Fiber Optic Plant Construction is in its infancy and we still have time to build the highest quality fiber optic network in the world. When Outside Plant construction is a municipal improvement, works should only be awarded to licensed and registered contractors. Because so much of the fiber optic plant is hidden from view, it is essential that some measure of competence be attained and enforced. Testing methods vary greatly and are often misunderstood, misinterpreted or ignored.

Licensing will allow the state to set a standard for this new infrastructure. By combining registration and licensure we can improve our existing plant, provide good paying jobs for people in Colorado and ensure a robust optical plant now that’s built for the future.

A Professional Fiber Optic or Telecommunications license program will accomplish many things:

  1. Protect the public investment and the infrastructure itself.
  2. Provide a database of vetted and qualified contractors and their employees.
  3. Provide a communication channel for future contact and problem resolution.
  4. Ensure uniformity in the network across the state and the nation.
  5. Set the standard of workmanship to provide a robust network with ample bandwidth and reduced loss.
  6. Create and preserve local jobs.
  7. Retains tax money locally to local companies and their employees.
  8. Ensure a knowledgeable and trained workforce.
  9. Encourage training and development of fiber technicians.
  10. Guarantee that evolutionary changes in the industry are disseminated to the workforce and carried through to the network infrastructure.

To ensure compliance within a company, each employee working on a municipal contract should have an individual license.

Fiber is different. Some states mandate fiber optic technicians take and pass an electrical or fire system exam. However, proper fiber installation has nothing in common with electrical. Since electrical and fiber are so different, electricians wishing to install fiber optics should be licensed in fiber as well if they wish to perform installs.

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